How much is that doggy on the greyhound track…?


I was shocked and appalled at the vision of the live baiting of greyhounds shown in a recent Four Corners report. Possums, rabbits and piglets were strung up, still alive, and swung around the track up to 26 times so that, instinctively, the greyhounds chased them and got the taste of blood. This atrocious act was done to give these trainers “performance-enhanced” dogs. Disgusting.

Here’s a link to the exposing story (warning: some images are disturbing):

Last I heard at least 15 trainers were suspended due to this investigation and major sponsors, including South Australian company, Macro Meats have withdrawn their sponsorship.

The chairman of Greyhound Racing Victoria resigned, under pressure, after these live baiting revelations came to light. See the article below:

This industry is worth upwards of 3 billion dollars annually – big dollars speak volumes about the lengths that these trainers would go to make a quick buck. The real cost of their greed can be seen in the cruelty to the greyhound dogs and to the animals used as bait, the destruction of their industry, job losses and loss of respect for the industry by the public. Was it really worth it?

So how can this situation be redeemed? What can be done to bring some justice on behalf of these mistreated animals?

In my opinion, the full force of the law should be served to these people who committed these disgraceful acts.

In addition, we can provide some T.L.C. to the greyhounds that have suffered by adopting a suitable dog as a pet or you can sign the petition to “Tell greyhound racing all bets are off!”.

At the end of the day these poor animals have been exploited and damaged because someone wanted to make more money – it’s just terrible!


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